Hollywood Premiere
Arena Cinema Hollywood
1625 North Las Palmas Ave. 

Hollywood, CA 90028
November 4-10
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Fell, Jumped, or Pushed Movie Release, Summer 2016

Genre: Comedy Feature
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 87 minutes

Director: Todd Peters
Producer: Matthew Gossin, Scott Shelley,
​Todd Peters, Kenneth Hughes
Associate Producer: Craig Dow, Dorian Mains
Editor: Matthew Gossin
Associate Editor: Philip T. Johnson 
Supervising Sound Editor: Felix Lau
Cast: Todd Peters, Andrei Belgrader, Jeremy Rabb, Caroline Hall, Mark Boyett, Blair Sams, Anthony Cistaro, Priscilla Allen, Matthew Gossin, Kenneth Hughes​
Cinematographer: Scott Shelley
Original Score: John Reis
Writer: Todd Peters, Jeremy Rabb
Art Direction: Margo Porras, Joey Hendrix

Hit of the Festival Circuit Will be Streamable for All Devices

FELL, JUMPED, or PUSHED will be available for streaming after its WORLD PREMIERE at Arena Cinema in Hollywood, CA on November 4, 2016.

A freewheeling mix of doc- and mockumentary, FELL JUMPED or PUSHED follows a cast of Christopher Guest-y, wannabe documentary filmmakers with zero experience, setting out to save the world by making an important, feminist film.  Trouble is, they and their hapless leader, Todd Peters, have no idea how to do that or what their masterpiece should be about. Fact and fiction commingle as they turn their mockumentary cameras on an unsuspecting, real-life family of women in Spokane, WA. Our crew of sweet-natured, Guffman-esque goof-ups gets busy making a mess of things, probing their subjects about their actual lives, and antics ensue. When they stumble upon the bizarre tale of the sudden disappearance of Sgt. Elmo “Curly” Warrick, the family’s beloved patriarch, things start to take a personal turn. Will our visionaries without a vision find their focus? Or will they fail to see the gripping story that’s right in front of them?

Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is a movie about the many ways we run from ourselves; whether we are running to romance, running from mediocrity, or
​running off of a cliff... 

Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is what an independent film should be: Original and smart. 
A very funny movie” 

~ Jay Leno

Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is deeply relatable and very funny.” 
​~ Katie Walsh
   Los Angeles Times

Fell, Jumped, or Pushed has the flavor of an early Woody Allen movie.” 
​~ Soren Anderson
   The News Tribune

“Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is everything you want in a ‘mockumentary.’ It’s odd, loose, truthful and twisted, a beautiful example of comic ensemble mayhem. Even more, though, this gem of an independent film is a big-hearted portrait of hapless, misguided ambition, just achy with love.”

​~ Todd London

   New Dramatists

“Once in a great while, you see a movie with an ensemble of brilliant actors and you just know they will all be very famous one day. This is that movie.” 
~ Eugene Jarecki
   Director, Why We Fight

Fell, Jumped, or Pushed  has won numerous festival awards, including:
WINNER: BEST DIRECTOR, Todd Peters, DIY Film Festival
WINNER: BEST FEATURE FILM, WTOs International Film Festival

  • Victoria Film Festival
  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Seattle True Independent Film Festival
  • Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival
  • Tacoma Film Festival

For Fell, Jumped, or Pushed online screeners​ or information, please contact 
Kenneth Hughes at  hughesartsandscience@gmail.com.